Weight, Size, and Consumables of a Fountain Pen: How they affect your choice

A fountain pen is an elegant accessory in your stationery drawer. However, your selection of the pen is equally important as this can help you achieve your writing goals easily. Websites of reliable sellers like Notedian are full of a wide selection of fountain pens and their accessories.

If you decide to buy luxury fountain pens, you can search for available varieties online. For example, a stop at Notedian website can reveal a wide selection of fountain pens from which to choose according to your budget or preference. Fountain pens are available in different materials and sizes. Here are just a few examples:

· Gold fountain pens

· Steel fountain pens

· Silver fountain pens

· Plastic fountain pens


The material of your pen affects the overall weight and comfort of the same. Fountain pens are available in three main categories: light, medium, and heavy. A fountain pen made of gold weighs more than a plastic model. If you are starting to use fountain pens, it is advisable to begin with a lighter model so you don’t strain your hand. For instance, you can start with a plastic or rubber model instead of gold or platinum model. Remember also to choose the right fountain pen tips.


Especially the width of the barrel is important when it comes to selecting fountain pens. For example, if you have smaller hands, you could be comfortable using a fountain pen with a narrow barrel. However using a pen with medium or large barrel reduces strain on your fingers while writing. In addition to the barrel, remember also to choose the right fountain pen nibs. You can experiment with a few models before you finally decide on what is best for you.


Based on their structure, you can enjoy a continuous use of fountain pens through refills. From reliable suppliers of fountain pens such as Notedian, you can find out various methods of refilling. Two popular methods of refilling include:

· Liquid ink

· Cartridges

Cartridges provide the fastest means to refill fountain pens. However, it is also a good idea to consider a model that comes with both cartridge and liquid ink refill options.

Learn the terms

Wet or dry: a supplier may refer to a fountain pen as wet or dry. These terms describe the amount of ink that the tip lays on the writing surface. For example, a wet pen lays more ink on the paper through its nib, which requires some time to dry up. A dry fountain pen, on the other hand, puts in little ink on paper, which dries faster.

Sac or bladder: traditionally, fountain pens used to have rubber or plastic ink sacs. These could wear out after continuous use, calling for a replacement. However, technology has improved and today such components rarely exist.

Knowing how weight, size, and consumables affect your choice of a fountain pen is important. It helps you choose the right fountain pen to meet your needs. It also makes your shopping easier when you approach a seller.

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