Stag weekends – A once in a lifetime experience

Stag weekends basically refer to the weekends before marriage for the bachelors exclusively. Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, is an extravagant yet a special way to celebrate bachelor-hood. Clubbing, nightlife coupled with lighthearted pleasure and fun are the key words for stag weekends in Prague. Boris Johnson was even quoted in his speech proving that till date, people fancy the stag weekends in Prague (“we love Europe, we will still go for stag parties to Prague!”, he remarked with humour).

Well-accepted and noteworthy destinations in this regard…

– Amsterdam

– Benidorm

– Marbella

– Tenerife

– European destinations like Albufeira, Benalmadena, Berlin, Prague etc.

– UK destinations like Blackpool, Cardiff, London, Nottingham etc.

The to-do list on a stags weekend in Prague…

– Exclusive stripper shows with females, rollypoly, vibrator strip, hooters, lesbians

– Paintballing

– Shooting varieties like basic, Ak47 and Clay pigeon

– White water rafting

– Party buses and strippers

– Tank ride, quad biking and machine gun

– Zorb football and Football matches

– Bobsledding

– AK47 plus& Klashnikov, M16 and Magnum shooting plus

– Archery and its attack

– Foot, Round and Glow golf

– Hummer/ Cadillac/ Limo with stripper

– Arcade games

– Beer biking

– Bowling, Bunjee jumping, Indoor go karting

– Escape room

– Climbing centrum

– Military jet fighter flights

– Laser tagging

– Water park entry

– Sports tickets and bar

– Skiing & Water skiing / Snowboarding & Wake boarding

– Indoor surfing

– Treasure hunting

– Outdoor & Indoor sky dive

– Boats like dragon grill, party, paddle, speed; cruise with booze, food and stripper

– Wayward spa time with beer

– Sex machine museum

– Tours of Eiffel tower, Segway, Brewery and strip club

– Goldfingers entrance

– Fake pranks with brides, bungee jumping, stage arrest

– Body painting and eating

– VIP Clubbing, casino and nightlife

– Feasts including traditional, medieval and Brazilian and a full meal with a stripper

– Luxurious steak nights and strip

Best Stag weekends for Amsterdam include the following sensational events…

– Amsterdam lookout tower, dungeon

– Ajax stadium tower and match-day package

– Bike rental and tour

– Blowkarting, bow hunt

– Heineken experience

– Fire breathing and fly boarding

– Golf and football

– Karaoke nights

– Canal pizza and crawl and others.

In the modern 21st century, a hen night party in Prague for spinsters also needs a mention. The quote goes rightly: “why should boys have all the fun?” The incredible list of activities includes:

– Polo and salsa dancing classes

– Private male strippers in buses, spas, cruises etc

– Indoor surfing and skydiving

– Beauty package

– Cocktail making and wine tasting

– Mudwrestling

These events are coupled with the same as in stag nights in Prague.

These naughty and fun-filled experiences make them a lavish yet a unique affair for all, giving an unforgettable experience to cherish for a lifetime. Stag weekends in Prague and the best stag weekends in Amsterdam are the exceptional events to look forward to. Try visiting for more information. More information brand name: Infinity Weekends