Lego Mindstorms: Taking Lego to New Heights

Do you (or any kid you know) love robots? Are you a fan of Lego? This is your lucky day as you get to meet one of the most advanced toy sets available from the Lego collection – Lego Mindstorms. This EV3 robot set takes toy technology to new heights and is one of the most anticipated releases from Lego to date. The kit is unlike anything that Lego fans have seen before. It will also be appreciated by robotics enthusiasts who like to try out new technologies and test them out.

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 is a kit that contains both software and hardware components. You can therefore configure those components to customize or program your own robot. The toy set is equipped with its own unique intelligent brick computer that allows you to control the system. In addition, the robot toy is equipped with modular sensors and motors for efficient performance.

If you have been playing Lego yourself or buying Lego toys for a child, you will know that nothing like this has ever been done before. The Mindstorms EV3 also marks the second major update that Lego has done on the Mindstorms system since they first released robot kits in the market 15 years prior. It also reflects a conscious effort from Lego and its manufacturers to provide a more powerful robotic system for enthusiasts and kids alike.

Given the advancement in technology for developing the Lego Mindstorms kit, you can expect it to be priced higher than most other Lego kits you have purchased before. However, the price is well compensated for by the vast choices in creative, educational and playing opportunities. This makes the toy suitable not just for kids but also for adults (especially those who consider themselves robotics enthusiasts).

The Lego EV3 makes your childhood dream of building your own robot come true. It can walk and talk, or do anything that you want it to do. Hence, the Lego stamp of creative control is still evident in the toy kit. But the technology available is what sets it apart from previous Lego systems available in the market. Unboxing the Mindstorms kit will provide you with a few basic accessories to help maximize the use of this toy kit. The kit includes the following: remote control, ARM 9 Processor, USB, and software functionalities such as WiFi, internet connectivity, among others.

Another major breakthrough that will be good news for former collectors of Mindstorms kits is that this new toy is designed to be backwards compatible with previous kits. Hence, you can explore more opportunities with this robot toy and be able to take full advantage of the new generation releases.

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